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Are you noticing that the AC is slower in cooling your home in comparison to what it normally does? Are hot or cold places around your home?

If the answer to one of these questions can be “Yes,” it might be due to a problem in your ducts. The ductwork may need to be repaired or replaced. Replacing damaged or broken ductwork could dramatically reduce cooling and heating costs and help provide the most stable and comfortable temperatures in your home.

Crowley’s Best AC & Heating Repair by Abundant Air LLC is one of the most reliable and dependable duct repair companies. We offer services for small residential houses and systems for ducts, as and larger commercial ductwork. We do not have cooling or heating pipes that we are unable to control!

What is Ductwork?

Ductwork is often described as straws. It is used to transport air from one area to another (for example the air connecting your AC blower to the interior of your home). Ductwork is typically made of pre-insulated fiberglass duct boards or malleable plastic. However, it can also be constructed from ductwork constructed from steel sheet (a pipe made from sheet metal) that is then wrapped in insulation after being installed.

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Common ductwork problems

  • The ductwork that has aged might begin to fall apart. Based on the type of ductwork you have located in your house usually after 10 to 15 years, the outer liner may begin or even begin to break and the insulation will be removed. When this occurs, it can be the attic, it could be more than 100 degrees, and the temperature of the attic may be anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees higher than when it is located in the house and could cause an increase in cooling and heating costs of anywhere between 40 and 60. To remedy this problem the affected or damaged ductwork needs to be replaced.
  • Leaks in the ducts of the air can occur as a result of the sealants used to seal ducts starting to fail, or the installer could not protect the ductwork.
  • Rodents, such as rodents and squirrels, could cause damage to ductwork when they look for an ideal spot to nest in Texas heat. You might want to take a inspect your attic for signs of rodents when you’ve experienced a prior rodent infestation.

Some of the most frequently cited reasons for issues with ducts

The heating and cooling units that have duct connections have been designed to be hidden and hidden from view so when they’re in need of repair, we do not observe it unless the air conditioning performance is inadequate.

Many heating systems that are ducted as well as air conditioning systems have issues and can cause problems in the course of time. A lot of these problems result from possums, rats, or other species of animals. They chew on the ductwork in hopes of discovering a magical and secure home to stay in and cause the AC pipes in a state of disrepair. They’re not visible, but you might spot them or smell their odor.

The damage caused by possums is severe and vast. The majority of AC ducts need to be replaced. The Crowley’s Best AC & Heating Repair by Abundant Air LLC team of repair technicians specializes in identifying the cause of these issues and recommending solutions for these problems.

Other animals, such as wombats, dogs, cats as well, are at ease in pipes to warm themselves. This causes the AC pipelines damaged. This reduces the circulation of air.

Certain ductwork systems can be damaged due to flooding. If water can enter and into AC ducts, it could remain for an extended duration, causing the ducts to shrink, and later be damaged. Sometimes, people are able to enter the ductwork, which causes them to break, causing damages to the ducts. Sometimes, it’s due to poor installation or because they are inaccessible to the vents for air conditioning being located far from the heating unit. it’s difficult to gain airflow to certain parts of the home.

The Crowley’s Best AC & Heating Repair by Abundant Air LLC will conduct an extensive inspection of the ductwork in your home to determine the severity of repairs needed. The inspection of ductwork is 90% visual. However, it is possible to employ an infrared camera that can be used to conduct a complete inspection of the hard-to-see parts that are a part of the pipework.

The Crowley’s Best AC & Heating Repair by Abundant Air LLC will also conduct an air balance check. The majority of the calls we receive stem from an area in the house that is overly cool or hot which suggests the necessity of balancing the airflow in your house. This can be accomplished by installing dampers, making adjustments, and using advanced technology (such as airflow meters or Bolometer) to determine the airflow rate within the zone of concern.

For planning your home’s audit of ductwork and verifying the balance of air, contact us today!

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